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Add up the kilometers you do.

The 772km of the Camino de Santiago are waiting for you. From Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, following the path that pilgrims traveled to get to Santiago.

An emblematic route, a magical path.



CAMINO DE SANTIAGO Virtual Challenge

Running, walking or cycling, on the roller or on the treadmill, from wherever you want, travel one of the most mythical routes in the world, adding up the kilometers you do daily.

Keep your daily motivation ON THE TOP.

Once completed, you will receive your exclusive CAMINO DE SANTIAGO Finisher medal!

Choose the better timing  to maintain your motivation on top.

Months Average/day
5 4,81km
4 6,00km
3 8,00km
2 12,00km
1 24,00km
15 días 48,00km

The average/day is just for information. Each participant is free to travel the daily kilometers that he wants.

See how you move forward on the REAL path!

Check up the kilometers you do and see on the map how you progress through the REAL path and get closer to the goal.

Every time you validate your kilometers you will see how you progress virtually on the world map.

Add kilometers every day to achieve your goal and reach the end of one of the most mythical routes in the world.

Registration + Medal

24,00 €

Challenge registration
Exclusive CAMINO DE SANTIAGO Finisher Medal

See how you progress on the map of the real circuit
Personalized Diploma
Medal reception upon completing the challenge


Registration+ Medal + Welcome Pack

39.00 €

Challenge registration
Exclusive CAMINO DE SANTIAGO Finisher Medal

See how you progress on the map of the real circuit
Personalized Diploma
Medal reception upon completing the challenge


Welcome Pack
(Energy Pack + Buff Open Challenge + Water Bottle)

Reception Welcome Pack


Your friends get 10% discount and you win a free registration or a challenge t-shirt



The big part of your questions are answered here.

What kind of kilometres I have to check?2021-03-04T15:23:02+00:00

You have to validate the kilometers you do when you go for a run, a walk, a bike, on the roller or on the treadmill. When you register, you choose how you want to do the route.

Open Virtual Challenge are challenges to keep your motivation to the maximum and help you to be active every day (or almost).

How does the teams of 2 work?2021-03-11T08:36:14+00:00

It represents that the two members of the team make the trip together “virtually” (in reality each one will go out to ride wherever they want). Each one will have to validate the kilometers that he is doing.

It will be seen how the team will progress through the real route, the average of the kilometers validated by each one.

Eg. If one team member does 10km and the other member does 5km. It will be seen how the team has advanced along the 7.5km route (the average of the two distances covered).

Joining teams of 2 is more fun, and more motivating.





How do I enter the challenge page once I have registered?2021-03-11T08:44:11+00:00

Our system for validating kilometers and visualizing progress along the course is controlled through our Racetick.com platform.

You can enter it in two ways (in both cases, when entering Racetick.com you have to Login with the information you gave when registering).

Through the website Openchallenge.cc in the challenge section and clicking on the “Validate your kilometers” button
Through the website Racetick.com, entering the challenge file and logging in.

Once on the challenge page (at racetick.com) you have to Login for the system to recognize you. Then you will see how the screen changes and you can see the real route, and how you progress in it.

When do I receive the medal?2021-03-11T08:50:03+00:00

The medal is a FINISHER medal, that is, for those who finish and reach the end of the challenge. It is a reward for having achieved your goal.

You will receive it at home, a few days (an average of between 7 and 10 days) after having completed the entire challenge.

Every day that you validate kilometers, you will get closer to the final goal, and to receive your exclusive Finisher medal.

Can you do the challenges in whatever sport you want?2021-03-11T08:55:48+00:00

Yes, you can. When you register, you will choose if you want to do it running, cycling or mixed (combining cycling and running).


How do I validate the kilometers that I do?2021-03-11T08:59:12+00:00

You have to validate the kilometers manually (as indicated on the web), attaching a screenshot of your GPS device that has recorded your session and indicating the kilometers you did.

Automatic validation: We will soon have an app to track the kilometers and the validation of the kilometers will be automatic.

Strava: Strava has changed the sync settings, and is currently causing problems, so we have temporarily disabled this option.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?2021-03-11T09:03:21+00:00

You choose at the time of registration the time you want to use to do it, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days … you decide.

Then if necessary, you can change it and extend or reduce the term.

What is that to track the route?2021-03-11T09:12:15+00:00

When we talk about tracking the route, we refer to the fact that you have to create your own Track of the route you do. You can do it with a GPS wristband (GPS watch) or cycling device, or directly through a mobile app. Here you have information about mobile GPS devices.

Basically, you have to put your GPS in recording mode when you start the route and stop it when you finish. So you will have your entire route stored.

This track that you will have recorded, will be what you will use later to “validate your route”, and appear in the results.





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